October 01, 2008

Sex in Singapore (2)

Singapore is a good place for men who like to frequent brothels and red-light area to look for women. I would say it is better than Macau, Hong Kong or Bangkok. In future women of more nationalities might be allowed to work in Geylang's authorized brothels - Vietnamese, Filipinos, Australians, Indonesians. Now we have Malaysians, Chinese and Thais.

A Malaysian prostitute at a licensed brothel ...

Unregistered China prostitutes, these two were from the street ...

Still we like to go overseas for a change of environment or to try new gimmicks and novelties. But I don't really think it is more pleasurable to fuck in a swing, having things poked inside your anus, having your cock subjected to hot-cold treatment or having all sorts of things rubbed over your body. You also won't know if there are harmful chemicals in those things.

The one thing I would try once in a while is the Body Massage in Thailand or Macau.

In China it is cheaper but there are other expenses you have to consider too. Perhaps one good thing is that you are in holiday mood and there is less constraint. Remember though to take care and not to get yourself into trouble.