August 04, 2008


You have heard of men who like to smell women's armpits or panties. These and some other fetishes you can do them with prostitutes. With extra fees some will dress up in a uniform of your liking, treat you like a slave or let you cum on their face.

I have cummed on the faces of prostitutes. It is quite a thrill to see your sperm flowing onto s sexy woman's face.

Then there are men who get aroused when they see sexy women smoking, wearing high heels, wearing bareback, with tattoos on their arms or breasts, buttocks in tight pants, bulging crotch, etc.
A prostitute once told me there was a customer who asked her to wear high heels while fucking her on the bed.

I mentioned in a previous post, I saw armpit hair when the woman raised her arm. And I found it arousing. I read an article - the writer mentioned several other things that could arouse a man's interest. Like a bra strap slipping down the shoulder, exposed flesh in the midriff, muscles moving in the legs/arms and many others. Every part of the woman attracts men.

So which of the following attract you?