March 13, 2007

Geylang prostitutes vs China prostitutes

Geylang prostitutes in the $150 category (from Malaysia) are usually in their mid-twenties. They generally give good service and skillful cock-sucking without condom. Some allow you to ejaculate in their mouth and then continue to suck your cock until the sensation subsides. It is heavenly pleasure.

China prostitutes in the $100 category are usually young, fair and sexy-looking. But very few have good cock-sucking skills. Most just put the condom on your cock and move their mouths up and down your shaft for a short while. Then she expects you to fuck her or she will mount you. After you have ejaculated, some will immediately go and wash themselves leaving you to remove the condom and to wash yourself later.

Geylang prostitutes I fucked in the last 2 months:
Kico (first time) – not attractive
Xin Wei (new girl) – slim, sexy, attractive
AC (several times already), Jess and Benz (both more than once)

China prostitutes:
Daytime -
One at Lorong 10 (called her twice) – slim and sexy and usually in a black dress.
One at Lorong 14 - fair and fleshy and the wild-in-bed type
Another one at Lorong 14 (called her twice) - small in size, accommodating in bed.
One at Darlene Hotel - sexy, good in bed, accommodating, looks a bit like one porn actress
Nighttime -
One along Talma Road – petite, young and sexy