November 16, 2010

Geylang Checker

Streetwalkers playing hide-and-seek, coming out from their hideout after the police patrol cars have left.

Streetwalkers at Geylang a few years ago.

I think you are aware there is a site called Geylang Checker. It claims it wants to expose errant husbands or boyfriends who go to Geylang for sex. It seems that it is interested only in the streetwalkers. It is a good attempt. But I feel it won’t discourage or scare men off from going to red-light areas. Neither is it of much help to wives and girlfriends.

There are not that many streetwalkers nowadays and many men are there just for sightseeing. I have seen young men going there with their female friends. Perhaps they wanted to show they were very open-minded but I think it is a stupid thing. Some of them would laugh and make silly remarks but I could see that there were girls who felt awkward.

On the other hand, hundreds of men visit the authorized brothels everyday and they are there not for sightseeing. Some brothels are open as early as 12 noon. Some men go there during their lunch break. It is better to take photos of the cars at the brothels’ carparks or on the roads outside the brothels.

A picture of a man in Geylang or his car at a ‘secret hideout’ in Geylang does not imply any wrongdoing by the man. The man is innocent but his wife might not believe him. It could cause stress and mistrust. Would his colleagues and boss have a negative view of him and affect his promotion or bonus?

A photo showing a man negotiating with a streetwalker or entering a brothel would be better evidence.

A man who has sex with prostitutes is not the same as a man having an affair with another woman. He may go to brothels occasionally but he could be a good husband who cares for the family. He is not going to divorce his wife or abandon his family and marry a prostitute. Exposing him going to brothels could do more harm than good.

I am not saying that the man is right. I believe most men know the consequences. For some men, counselling might work. For some others, it is difficulty for them to give up completely. It is similar to gambling and drinking.