February 22, 2010

Beautiful Women

You need to protect yourself when having sex with prostitutes but you don't need to cover both your heads.

Cover only the smaller head will do.

Geylang vice update

A sexy streetwalker ...

On the 4th day of Chinese New Year I went down Geylang at about 1 am. There were more streetwalkers than during my last visit a few weeks ago. One of them told me that they came out after 12 and hanged around till early morning. Two of the provocatively-dressed prostitutes I saw previously were still there.

I saw this woman walking down the road. I thought she was a resident in the area returning home. But when she walked past and I looked at her she asked me want or not. So, a prostitute too.

One of the provocatively-dressed ...

Most of the authorized brothels were open on the 4th day of the CNY and they had good business during the CNY period. If you want the popular China prostitutes you have to wait for your turn.

At a brothel there were men waiting for Fei Fei and 77. Fei Fei is more voluptuous whereas 77 is slim and sexy. Both are very fair. That day I saw Fei Fei but not 77. Fei Fei was in a tight skimpy two-piece. You could see plenty of her creamy-white naked flesh. Her big breasts and buttocks looked like they wanted to burst out of the clothing. It gave your cock the pleasurable feeling of lust.

Beautiful Women

The nose in the previous post belongs to the China Olympic gold-medalist diver Guo Jingjing.

At first I didn't pay much attention to her. Later I found she is quite sexy and has sexual attraction. Here are a few more pictures of her.

Here is another China woman, an actress, that I find attractive.

This blog is not just about sex. It is more about women. I love beautiful women, sexy women, voluptuous women and other attractive women. Here is another attractive woman. These pictures are from a magazine. I bought this magazine because of this woman.

This is the best picture. Which part of her body attracts you most? Arms, legs, abdomen, breasts, face, ... I love her whole body.

Who is this sexy woman? More pictures of her in the next post.