June 02, 2009

Jamie Yeo

I mentioned in the Zoe Tay post that Zoe is the sexiest media female artist. Here is another sexy picture of Zoe. I am not particular about her breasts big or small. I like her face.

Another woman I find sexy is Jamie Yeo. To me her unique features are her nose and smile,especially the nose. I think many of you can recognize her if you just look at the nose and the lower part of her face. If you replace her nose she might not be sexy.

Some updates on the Geylang sceneThe police have done a good job. The Geylang vice zone has quietened down a lot. In the afternoon there were only a handful of prostitutes here and there. There was not a single prostitute at the shop opposite the coffee-shop at Lorong 20 which is popular with older prostitutes. But there were a few sitting with men at the coffee-shop.
At night, from what I heard from the prostitutes, they usually came down around 12 midnight to try to catch some business. Then they went back when the anti-vice officers came and they came out again around 3.45am.

I saw a few at the Bright Star Hotel at Lorong 17, several at Lorong 14 and about a dozen along Talma Road. But the number of prostitutes has dwindled by more than 50% compared to a few months ago. There were also fewer Indonesian prostitutes at Lorong 12.
There were a few gambling stalls at the backlane between Lorong 12 and Lorong 10.
Talma Road/Lorong 8 .....

At Lorong 14, I saw a prostitute who looks a bit like the woman below. I like her face so I called her. Very good fuck.